Orange crowd control barriers that transform into portals, large lumpen forms topped with green fur and embedded with ancient artefacts, and egg yolks made jewel-like by preserving in salt: my work is a playful exploration of the possibility of the extraordinary unfolding out of the ordinary, an off-kilter, highly saturated, but not altogether unreal vision of our world. My installations and sculptures are an amplification of the magic we experience when something, like finding a fossil on the beach, creates a small rupture in our reality.

My work is process-driven and intuitive – after a period of research, such as observing construction on the Sagrada Familia church, or working on an archaeological dig, I take to the studio and translate the experience. The initial stages are experimental – recent investigations have included salt curing egg yolks and making dye from rust. I employ a diverse array of materials in my work, from handmade paper pulp and cob, medical fiberglass, to expanding foam and real Roman artefacts.

My recent body of work ‘Luck & Limen’ was made in response to the time I spent I working with archaeologists in Kent on the dig of a Roman Villa. I sought out these connections to gain hands-on experience in a field that fascinates me. Elements of this installation used natural clay that I dug out of the ground. As a result of this, and also as a natural progression from my research into archaeology, geology is becoming the subject of my current work.



University of North Carolina at Greensboro. USA. MFA in Studio Arts, concentration in Sculpture and Installation. 2015- 2017

University of Brighton. UK. BA Fine Art Sculpture. 2008 – 2011


Selected Exhibitions


The Plymouth Contemporary, Karst Gallery & Levinsky Gallery Plymouth.

Soft Snacks Block Gallery, Raleigh, NC USA. Collaboration

Luck & Limen Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent UK. Solo

Force Southern Vermont Arts Center, Vermont USA.


TAPS Now, Kosar Contemporary, Bristol UK. Group Show

Basement Art Space, Chapel Hill, NC USA. Digital Residency


Thicket, Tunnel Gallery, Tonbridge School, Kent UK. Solo

Confluence, collaborative site specific installation, St Mary’s Church Burham, Kent UK.


Effervescent Orange Slices, site specific installation, Greensboro, NC.


2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC.

Fossiling The Tideline, GPS Space, Greensboro, NC. Solo

North Carolina Artists Exhibition. Raleigh Fine Arts Society, Raleigh, NC. Juried


Some Green on the Plate, Sternberger Artists Center, Greensboro, NC. Solo

Taos To Tepito, GPS Space, Greensboro, NC.

Sometimes Two Circles… GPS Space, Greensboro, NC


Salem Community Courthouse, Salem, NY. Invitational

Art in the Park, Worcester, MA.

MINTED! Cary House Gallery, NY

Pangaea Restaurant, VT.


Hue and Cry, Salem Art Works, NY. Solo

17th Annual North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show, North Bennington, VT.


Minoterie 21, Brittany, France

Salem Art Works, Cary Hill Sculpture Park, NY.


Franconia Sculpture Park, MN.

Voi La!, Brighton University, Brighton. UK


Here and Now, Brighton University Gallery, Brighton. UK

London Vox, Redgate Gallery, London. UK



Digital Residency. Basement Art Space, NC. 2020

Artist in Residence. Tonbridge School, UK. 2019-2020

Resident Artist. Jiwar, Barcelona, Spain. August 2018

Resident Artist. Vermont Studio Center, VT. May 2018

Winter Artist in Residence. Salem Art Works, NY September 2014- March 2015

Resident Artist. Salem Art Works, NY May-August 2014

Visiting Artist. Minoterie 21, Brittany, France. August 2013

Young Artist. Salem Art Works, NY May-August 2013

Intern Artist. Franconia Sculpture Park, MN August-November 2011.



 Lecturer. 3D Design, Forsyth Tech Community College. Spring 2018

Lecturer. 3D Foundations 2, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Spring 2018

Lecturer. Fundamentals of Drawing, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Fall 2017

Instructor, Installation Art Workshop at the Hairston Middle School, Greensboro NC. Fall 2017

Community Liaison, Center for Visual Artists. Greensboro NC. Fall 2017- Spring 2018

Instructor, Center for Visual Artists. Greensboro NC. Summer 2017

Instructor of Record, 3D Foundations, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

Foundry Technician. Fall 2015- Spring 2017

Intern Coordinator Assistant, Salem Art Works, NY. Spring 2015

Prop Maker, Tarver Productions, London. 2012- 2013

Prop Maker, Themeworks, Brighton. 2010-2014



Helen A Thrush Scholarship 2016-2017

Howard Scholarship 2016-2017

Adelaide Holderness Graduate Fellow, 2015-2016


Artist Talks

Cawthorne Lecture Theatre, Tonbridge School. February 2020

Weatherspoon Gallery, Greensboro, NC April 2017

Salem Art Works, NY July 2014.

Visiting Artist Speaker, Union College Schenectady, NY June 2013.

3-D Symposium Franconia Sculpture Park, MN September 2012.