Hi Vis Piecemeals

Hi vis fabric, bamboo, electric lamp, found construction fragments.

Hi Vis Piecemeals is a sculpture made in Barcelona, whilst in residence at Jiwar Creation and Society. The purpose of this residency was to witness the ongoing construction of Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church, and the influence of this experience is evident in the piece.


During my stay I found a great array of building detritus on the streets of Barcelona which became absorbed into the sculpture, referencing finds at an archaeological dig. These found objects, alongside visits to the site of Barcino, the Roman city that predated Barcelona, lead to thoughts of artefacts, palimpsests, and the relationship of construction to archaeology.


These ideas are explored in this piece. Hi visibility material, associated with construction attire, and fragments of tile, stone and brick, arranged in such a way as to grant them the aura of artefacts, are brought into conversation with one another.